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Tonight I'll dream while in my bed

when silly thoughts go through my head

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my pet!

This is where I'll be keeping track of my 101. If I'm in the process of completing an item, I'll italicize it. If it's completed, I'll strike it.
1. Finish this list
2. Blog about everything as I complete it
3. Really clean out the closet (for realz, not just keeping stuff because *maybe I might wear it again… No. I won’t wear it again.)
4. Invest my money
5. Move
6. Buy a new bed
7. Buy a couch
8. Buy a tv

9. (private)
10. Delete old texts
11. Actually wear the dress I just bought
12. Use reusable canvas bags at the grocery store
13. Get a new passport

14. Pay attention to homilies
15. Register in the parish and tithe
16. Give to charity (St. Jude’s)
17. Nab me another godbaby
18. Do more than ‘just enough’
19. Make personal connections with the kids, even the ones I don’t like
20. Finish lesson plans in a timely fashion consistently
21. Really look into library certification instead of just talking about it
22. Leave work every day at 3:45 for one week
23. Exercise consistently (at least 3 times a week)
24. Run 1 mile without stopping (must be done 3 times in a row before I check it off)
25. Run 2 miles without stopping (must be done 3 times in a row before I check it off)
26. Participate in a Race for the Cure (5k, 3[ish] miles without stopping - 3 miles 3 times in a row before I check if off)
27. Take up bike riding – go at least once a week for a month
28. Lose a few more pounds and maintain a weight of 125-130
29. Tone the tummy (ugh)
30. Go to the gym by myself
31. No fast food for… 6 months (I’d like to do consecutively, but if something like I haven’t eaten in 8 days and it’s fast food or suffer a slow death, then I’ll take as consecutively as possible)
32. (private 2)
33. Eat one piece of fruit every day for a month
34. Take up yoga
35. For one month, go to gym MWF and do yoga TTh
36. Take 5 dance classes
37. Go (indoor) rock climbing
38. Read Les Miz
39. Read Crime and Punishment
40. Reread/finish Don Quixote
41. Read a Neil Gaiman book
42. Fly with Larry
43. Visit my brother and SIL in Washington

44. Go to Alaska
45. Go to Mexico (perhaps a group effort using Jenn’s mom’s timeshare?)
46. Take a trip with the CL girls
47. Go to 5 new restaurants
48. Order fish
49. Go to 2 of the same old restaurants but try something different
50. Go on a ghost tour in Houston or Galveston
51. No salt for 3 months (not necessarily consecutively) (1/3)
52. Volunteer at the zoo
53. Kiss in the rain
54. Babysit for Jenn once a month so I can spend time with the kids and so she and Corey can spend time together (16/34)
55. (private 3)
56. Go to a Bingo Hall
57. Call brother once a month for 6 months (consecutively)
58. Call SIL once a month for 6 months (consecutively)
59. Learn to drive a standard vehicle
60. Ride the ferry in the middle of the night when it says no wait
61. Go to a shooting range
62. Create a list of 100 things that make me happy
63. Buy a piece of Amish furniture
64. Watch the sunrise (ooo that’s gonna be early…)
65. Get ears pierced again
66. Reply to 5 PADs
67. Have 3 pedicures (3/3)
68. Go paintballing
69. Go to a Texans game
70. Go to the battle of San Jacinto reenactment
71. Buy a fish
72. Learn how to change the oil in my car
73. Visit Adrienne
74. Try 10 new weight machines (10/10) (3 times in a row before counting it)
75. Have body fat measured
76. Give to a needy child at Christmas
77. Send a friend a gift, just because I see something that makes me think of them
78. Go to Old Town Spring
79. Go to the Pasadena Rodeo
80. Go to a concert at Gruene Hall
81. Get a tattoo
82. Attend a ballet
83. Go to a movie by myself
84. Go a week, in the summer, without the computer (while I’m at home, no cheating and doing this while I’m away on vacation)
85. Relearn poker (with just Jenn and/or Corey)
86. Participate in Poker Night without having to be goaded into it
87. See HP and the HBP opening night
88. Go to a corn maze
89. Sing karaoke
90. Buy a new cell phone
91. Throw a Plumber Party
92. Leave for work at 7am every day for a week
93. Plan a KOA trip
94. Go to bed at 9 S-Th (school nights) for one week
95. Buy a new vehicle
96. Get professionally fitted for a bra
97. Go to the symphony
98. Read The Alchemist
99. Go to mass at St. Anne's
100. Go to church with Rocky
101. Find 100 geocaches